Save Energy

The room was dark.  Kevin reached the light switch, turned on the light and realized there was something else in the room with him.

Linda Vista Hospital, Los Angeles, California 2012


Elmer showed up for his appointment.  The doctor said he wanted to try something other than the  leech therapy he normally applied.  Things didn't go well for Elmer.

Linda Vista Hospital, Los Angeles, California 2012

Beach Day

Crush has been looking forward to this day all year.  He's craving the taste of salt after months of algae infested fresh water.  Maybe he'll find his brother's shell.  Wouldn't that be a story to tell everyone back at the pond.

Santa Cruz, California 2012


Pouch the Pelican doesn't mind sharing his rock with other birds and animals, but, he draws the line when it comes to cohabitating with sea otters.  As far as Pouch is concerned, sea otters are nasty little scavengers always stealing his meals when he has the hiccups and a fish pops out.

Santa Cruz, California 2012

Taking Up Residence

Somewhere around 1926, Herschel Sloakum started hanging out at the YMCA.  It made him feel like he was a part of the Army and the Navy since neither one would take him.  The problem was that Herschel was killed in a hunting accident in 1845.

San Diego, California 2013

Location, Location, Location

Hector Valenzuia loves to look through historical documents which is how he discovered his family still owns the land this city sits on.  The city council is going to be really surprised at the next meeting!

San Diego, California 2013

Sneak Attack

Before Greyson knew what happened, his board bit him in the crotch.  "Dude, I didn't know my deck was that aggressive let alone had teeth!"  Greyson shook it off, applied some duct tape to the nose and got back after it!

San Diego, California 2013


The power goes out at night or every time a cloud cover occurs because Leland's storage batteries aren't adequate.  But, it's not a problem. Leeland hops on his bicycle, motors over to his portable generator and cranks it up. 

The above story is fictitious except for the part about the power going out.

El Porto Beach, California 2013


Earless started thinking something was terribly wrong.  He could see the waves lapping on the shoreline, but, the Sun was setting in the East.  He stayed in school long enough to know that wasn't right.

Bakersield, California 2013

Sneak Peek

Sophia had one of those hair-prickling feelings like she was being watched.  The last time that happened, she saw the dead eyes of a mask move.  She wasn't going to look this time!

Hollywood, California 2013

Route 101

Cedrick really believed in drive-by shooting.  Not the gun type, but, the camera type using his phone.  He would sit on the roof of his neighbor's VW bus and shoot while his neighbor drove.  Usually, there were no problems, but, once in awhile, after his neighbor had waxed his vehicle, Cedrick would slide off the bus and cause traffic jams much to the displeasure of the local police.

San Francisco, California 2014


Just seconds before I pressed the trigger, there was a Beatles tribute band playing Get Back on top of the roof.  Someone yelled, "You've been playing on the roofs again, and you know your Momma doesn't like it, she's gonna have you arrested!"  The band split.  The person who spoke the words was a Paul McCartney tribute person.

San Francisco, California 2014

Take Me To The Beach

Phone shot and then some stuff happened.

Baker Beach, San Francisco, California 2014

Slicing Air

I watch these paragliders and wonder how much fun they actually have.  No time to relax, always pulling, guiding, buffeting the wind, hoping the wind doesn't die over water or canyons.  Besides that, how do you sip whiskey in one of these?

Pacifica, California 2014

Lombard Plaza Motel

Meandering through the streets of San Francisco, California will eventually put you on Lombard Street.  I believe  Shari and I had just left Coit Tower and were heading to Sausalito.  This is a drive-by rendered in Topaz Impression.  To be honest, I haven't done anything to the shot other than use the default settings in Impression.

San Francisco, California 2014

Dine With Me

The evening started with a nice local cabernet and candlelight dinner for two.  Two hours later, it became dinner for four as the proprietor and three staff members dined on the original two diners.  Hannibal's always makes for an interesting dining experience.  Not necessarily for patrons.

Phone shot and then some stuff happened.

San Francisco, California 2014

Kept At Bay

Stop here!  Stop here!  Ok, I'll just push the car.  We can shoot while we walk!  Hwy 1 in California is one of those routes that would be nice to walk or bicycle.  There are just too many lost photo opportunities when driving.

Hwy 1, California 2014

You Do What?

My family has asked for years what exactly I do at work.  Well, ...

Bakersfield, California 2014

Long Night

It took Slim a few minutes to realize that sharks don't have windows or huge wings.  Slim was lying on the tarmack and not at the bottom of the ocean.  That's the last time Slim drank any of his brother-in-law's home brew.

Bakersfield, California 2014


It became immediately clear to the bombardier what was causing the bottleneck.  Once that was cleared, the mission could continue.

Bakersfield, California 2014


Of course, the first question was, "Where's Alex and why is the canopy open at 10,000 feet?"

Bakersfield, California 2014

Rat Rod Devil

So, I put a new hood ornament on the lawn mower this weekend.  It's guaranteed to keep wasps away from me until Winter is over.  I took it out for a test run and didn't see a single wasp.   I think it's working.

Bakersfield, California 2014

Losing The Battle

The back of a structure on an alley between Main and Center Streets and 6th and 7th Streets.  I'm not saying the building is abandoned.  Maybe in dire need of repair?

Taft, California 2014

Oh, Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea.  One of those phrases that takes me back in time.  If I remember right, radio stations were blasting Tommy Roe while we drove across the United States to Chattanooga, Tennessee during a blistering summer.  I got to drive through some states that allowed sixteen-year-olds to manipulate motorized boxes on wheels.  It was also, the first year I put a razor to my face; I'm not sure why, but, I think I just thought I should!

Photo rendered in Topaz Labs Impression.

Camp Nelson, California 2014

Better Days

It appears this poor guy has been neglected for some time.  It's kind of funny, I was always taught to make a "monkey face" when installing receptacles.    Equipment ground on top or bottom?  It doesn't really matter.  Some suggest ground up when metal cover plates are used, ground down with plastic covers, ground up in health care facilities, do what the customer wants.

Camp Nelson, California 2014

Broken In

Just about the time a work boot starts to feel comfortable, it's usually pretty worn and time to replace.  Despite the fact that I'm not usually crawling around or playing in the dirt, I manage to work a boot to the max.  Of course, the Snapseed treatment helps also.

Bakersfield, California 2014

Hand Job

This carwash was kind of funny.  The work was supposed to be by hand.  The wash was done with long poles manipulated by hands, but, the rest of the magic liquids were applied by machines.  I did get to see one worker use a sledgehammer, though.  Evidently, the chain mechanism that moves the vehicles down the line came off it's sprocket.  They had to shut the whole line down for about 10 minutes while the workers took turns trying to pound the stuff back together.  I'm guessing it's a fairly regular occurrence since they had a sledgehammer handy.

Phone shot.

Bakersfield, California 2014


You wouldn't know by looking at Huian that she has been around since 755.  Oh, sure, she's had a few make-overs during the years, but, who wouldn't after starting life as as a scarecrow?  She played a critical part in the Battle of Yongqiu in ancient China.  Her job was to dangle by a rope over the walls of the castle and collect enemy arrows to renew supplies.  She was good at it.

Santa Cruz, California 2014

Silent, Almost

Leyland Praxmire didn't notice the lack of bird chirping nor the lack of rustling leaves.  He didn't notice the shuffling of his own feet across unused railroad ties.  Leyland didn't even notice that his intestines were dragging on the ground.  The only thing Leyland was aware of was his ravishing hunger and the clicking of his jaw.

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, Felton, California 2014


Jack ambled along the tracks for days.  Maybe weeks.  He doesn't think about it.  Probably because he has lost his mind.  The walk is tough.  He kind of toddles with a hitch, dragging one leg behind the other.  He's looking for something, but, he doesn't know what.  He's hungry.  Extremely hungry.  His jaws are continuously opening and closing.  Then, just like that, his head is separated from his body and he is staring at his feet.  Rick and Michonne continue walking down the tracks.

Davenport Beach, California 2014


Seymour loves signs.  Normally, that wouldn't be of any interest to others, but, Seymour is a tortoise and he makes a pest of himself in the downtown area.  He's always nudging someone to try to get them to turn him upside down so he can get a good look at signs.  His actions are kind of annoying and occasionally results in scaring the crap out of unsuspecting walkers.

Watsonville, California 2014

It's A Wrap

Recently, a North American syndicate was broken up after years of deep undercover surveillance which had netted no results.  The operation consisted of three people.  Two in the United States and one in Mexico.  The whole object of the operation was to steal license plates.  At first, it appeared the perpetrators were collecting plates for their own use in their homes and businesses.  But, then, law enforcement got a huge tip that broke the case.

(No truth to the above story at all!)

Moss Landing, California 2014

Moon Arisin'

Shari and I had a nice vantage point for the Super Moonrise.  Round Mountain Road, Kern County, California.

Phone shot rendered in Snapseed.

Kern County, California 2014

Bound Forever


Phone Shot rendered with Snapseed.

Bakersfield, California 2014

I Put A Spell On You

He thought he had me.  He really did.  I managed to break the spell and click the shutter.

Morro Bay, California 2014

Always Watching

I'm not sure what the gold-colored material is on this monument.  Maybe a fungus.  It certainly gives the monument some added texture.  I'm thinking the monument is honed out of marble and has been in the salt air for some time.

Cayucos Morro Bay Cemetery, Cayucos, California 2014

To Kill A Mockingbird Dressing Room

Scout had cramped quarters.

Silver City Ghost Town, Bodfish, California 2014

It Wasn't Entirely Quiet

I suspect that a night visit may be in order.

Silver City Ghost Town, Bodfish, California 2014

Trim Those Nails

Proof that the prehistoric Kern County Rock Scratching Polecat existed.

Kern River Canyon, Kern County, California 2014

Feelin' A Little Flakey

Heat tends to blister paint.

Phone shot.

Bakersfield, California 2014

No Escape

Max Musca knew this was it.  He would never escape alive.  He was already into the 26th day of captivity which left him maybe two days to live.  He would never buzz another garbage can.  He would never stomp around another pile of dog poop.  Max never envisioned his life ending locked up in a motel room.  He would be the laughing stock of all future flies!

Danvers, Massachusetts 2014


Lucille Maganti was one of the lucky ones. Lucky, if you consider having your arms and legs hacked off and your body nailed to a board, lucky.  Of course, the alternative was to be burned at the stake!

Salem, Massachusetts 2014

Wise Decisions

Eloise was extremely disappointed after using the miracle wrinkle-removing cream she'd purchased from a door-to-door salesman.

Salem, Massachusetts 2014

Just For You

Socrates was exceptionally happy with his Black Friday purchase.  Little did he know that he would be the one to sample the quality of the elixir.  As he found out, the elixir was all it was advertised to be!

Salem, Massachusetts 2014

Got It Covered

We are in the same space, but, usually try to shoot different perspectives or objects.  You know, even if we did shoot the same thing, the end result is going to be different.

Salem, Massachusetts 2014

Dead Drop

It was a little windy the day I shot this in The Burying Point cemetery.  I kept waiting for headstones to start flying, but, I had to settle on a few leaves flittering down to lie with the dead.

Salem, Massachusetts 2014


Roberto really got a kick out the myth that vampires can't handle daylight.  Add to that all the wantabe vampires, well, it sure made for some good feeding during the day and left his nights free for bingo.

The above is a fictitious story.  Vampires really don't play bingo.

Salem, Massachusetts 2014


Wilmot Redd lived in Marblehead, Maine.  She was illiterate, moody, poor, hungry and  independent.  She used torn strips of dirty cloth wrapped around her feet for shoes.  Her natural response to offensive remarks from people was profanity.  Basically, she was a cranky old lady who didn't want to be bothered.

Unfortunately, Wimot lived in the 1600s when people were accused of being witches and were hung if found guilty.  Wimot was hung on September 22, 1692.

Salem, Massachusetts 2014

Ahoy, Matey

Harry the Rat is getting pretty hungry.  Boris the Cat is on the ship and Harry doesn't dare leave his perch.  Fortunately, Boris doesn't like heights.  The only place Harry feels safe is up here, and up here, there is no food.  Well, usually there is no food, but, once in awhile "Three-fingered" Bill the Sailor comes aloft to do some rigging.  Bill had a full set of appendages before Harry got stranded.  Hey, what's a rat to do?  Gotta eat!

Friendship, Salem, Massachusetts 2014


Alicia Redd laid a sapling on this rock pile in 1893.  She came to visit Wilmot Redd's gravesite.  Wimot was a victim of the 1692 Salem witch trials.  Alicia and Wimot were not related.  Alicia was just a curious teenager.

Alicia never returned for the sapling and that day was the last time anyone saw Alicia.  Somehow, the sapling managed to survive and thrive.  There are rumors that on a blue moon, a young girl can be seen dancing around the tree.

(The above is completely false except the part about Wilmot.)

Old Burial Hill, Marblehead, Massachusetts 2014

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